A birthday is the time to rejoice birth of someone, the ecstasy of life. It is an event to rethink about your life, to be grateful for what you’ve gained in life and what you’ve accomplished all through those preceding years. When your birthday is impending, they’re really a chance for you to celebrate it with your family and friends; in the same way, the Dsynit team is a small family who never forgets the birthdays of their comrades. We come together and arrange a small merrymaking to congratulate our birthday buddy for surviving another year which is professionally healthy. For us, it is much more than an occasion. It’s an opportunity to remember how appreciative we are to have them in our team, give thanks and to celebrate as well as reflect upon how well they are fulfilling their profession. Like every year, we didn’t forget to celebrate our colleagues’ birthdays surprising them with lots of love and amity. The first celebration of the year that we celebrated was our Team Leader Kalana Desilva’s birthday. His dedication, great talents and most of all his generous heart and princely nature are part of what keeps our organization in high standards. So the whole Dsynit team wishes him pure happiness and the courage to move forward with fresh confidence.
We had a good time on 17th March, celebrating the birthday of our Senior Designer, Nisal Ositha. We hope that all of our genuine heartfelt and deepest birthday wishes could liven up his day, as well as our prayers steer him to carry on putting out the very best in his life!
And the following was Kaveesh Wijeratne’s birthday, he who the backbone of our company. On his special day we recalled all the times we spent together which brought a smile on our faces! The simple yet classic birthday cake made his day!!!
And who will forget to celebrate the birthday of a BOSS (at least to earn some credits ? ). Now this is a bribe, who gave him this NICE chessboard even after knowing him as a chess maniac. But, let me tell one thing, the kind and fair boss deserves this all, maybe more than this though we managed to make him blissful with our preparations. After all, he was contented with the sweet offerings of his subordinates.
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