Half a million people forced out of their homes by floods and landslides, killing at least 100 due to extreme weather conditions that prevailed for a week, wreaking havoc on many parts of Sri Lanka. Those affected are now gradually returning to their damaged homes to start their lives with what is left. Dsynit is in a process of identifying a number of severely affected families, with the aim to help them restore their lives to normalcy, by providing their children’s educational needs. As an immediate step, we have started collecting the goods listed below with the support of our staff and clients – so that we can send them back to school soon.

01 School Bag
10 Exercise Books
01 Mathematical Box
01 Pencil
03 Pens
01 Ruler
01 Eraser
01 Cutter

All inclusive $10 (LKR 1450)

You are welcome to send donations to any number of kids with your name and your message. We will add a tag with your loving message to every kid, which they would remember forever.

(Please kindly note this is an internal charity program and only Dsynit Clients and Staff are welcome to donate by contacting us.)


Contact us to donate!